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What About This
Music by Jerry Careaga
Lyrics by Jerry Careaga & Stephanie Gladhart

You packed up your suitcase
stacked up all your boxes in the hall
one last look around
girl you think that’s it, you’ve got it all

what about these pictures on the fridgerator door
we played on the beach in Mexico, and the year before
celebrating Christmas decorating our first tree
And how about this puppy looking up at you and me

What about this
with the sunshine on your hair
take a good look
our love is everywhere
memories like that are hard to make
and we can’t give up so easy
baby that’s a mistake
What about this
I’m holding you, you’re kissing me, what about this

your daddy’s in the driveway
He never thought we’d make it anyway
I remember when you told him,
“I’m in love and there’s nothing left to say”

You can carry out the table and the chairs we bought on sale
and toss out our love letters like they’re just junk mail
it’s not about the tv, the books, or that old car
come here baby, let me show you who we really are