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Music & Lyrics by Jerry Careaga

Heartache is my old lover
we shared memories everyday
I cried in her arms for a long time
and it's hard to break away

now you are the morning in my life
a warm sun everywhere I go
I don't trust anything that feels so good
but this much I know

you make me smile when I 'm feeling kinda blue
you make me laugh every day you do
you make me wanna dream about love again
and start to take it all seriously
you make me smile, you make me smile

yesterday I sat helpless
locked up in that place
tomorrow I'll be much stronger
'cause every time I see your face


just when you think that hope is gone
baby life takes a turn and you move on, you move on

feels like I'm out on a highway
out-running old storm clouds
I'm headed out there someplace
where there's no tears allowed