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Out here in the blue
Music & Lyrics - Jerry Careaga

Verse 1
Always thought I’d be going home some day
I’d pull up in front of the old house and honk the horn

had it on my mind for long time
for a long time you had a hold on me, I couldn’t break free

now these days I’m kicking around a little desert town
it’s a real good place to be, and in a way I wish you could see

How the sky goes on forever
and the sunshine never ends
how the beauty’s pure and simple

I don’t know what I’ll do, I’m living without you
Out here in the blue

Verse 2
Gonna buy myself a drink in this old bar
and step out into the moonlight and touch the stars

wonder why we gave it up and called it quits
I thought we got real close to making pieces fit

I hear you moved on, I guess it had to be
I know you’re really gone, but girl I wish you could see


Every night it’s so quiet in this place
I can hear every word that I never said
face to face to you