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Last Call in Santa Fe
Stephanie Gladhart & Jerry Careaga

Santa Fe gets snow this time of year
I swear there's been a hundred storms since you were here
and the words that knocked me down and froze my heart
that winter day are just echos in a canyon far away

I'm still pouring whiskey in this bar
not a night goes by when I don't wonder where you are
did you ever get that ranch out on the plain
did you burn off that tattoo that spelled my name

well it's last call in Santa Fe
last chance to save my life today
and it's alright if I wasted so much here
I can always plant a garden in the spring when it's all clear
and maybe I'll be gone this time next year

I came chasing you chasing your dreams
and I'd only seen New Mexico in magazines
rolling thru the red rocks...double rainbow in the sky
you made me a believer in a lie

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus