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Just Drive
Music & Lyrics by Jerry Careaga

Outside Abilene that old Firebird just broke down
and I watched her burn all night out on the edge of town
I thought about our glory days taking turns behind the wheel
we were so damn proud of that piece of steel

we had an itch to go and get on with our lives
didn't care, didn't know, you said "Baby just drive!"

Drive on out of here let's just fly away
head out west on an endless highway

I've got dreams so big they will fill that sky
don't look back let's just say bye bye
in this world it's just you and I
now let's get on the road and just drive

I thought we had it made those years out in Santa Fe
before times got tough and knocked your dreams away
and all the anger and the tears the day you bought that ticket home
well tonight I let um' go out on this road alone

it's time that I move on, gonna find me a new ride
but I still hear your voice singing baby just drive


Yeah Someday I will find that place where I belong
and every smile you gave me girl just makes me strong