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It's You
Jerry Careaga

it's a rainy night in this house, the rain is everywhere
it's raining on my guitar, raining on my prayer
raining inside my heart, raining on this picture of you

baby it's you, cigarettes and whisky, nothing on the tv, quarter to 2
it's just you, I'm drowning in the memory, living on the edge, wasting away
only one thing can save my life
only one can pull me thru, baby it's you

I've been living in a dream, I'm lying there with you
lost inside a moment in another world I knew
I wake up to the hurt, up to you gone
up to what the pain can do

Repeat Chorus

every day I lose a little pride but I - I don't know how to stop the slide
and there's just one love that can break on thru, baby it's you

Repeat Chorus