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Stephanie Gladhart & Jerry Careaga

he used to send me postcards from places far away
a canyon or a beach and this is all he'd say
"Girl the world outside is waiting,
and I wish that you were here with me today"

It used to give me goose bumps when he'd call and say my name
and I wanted him so bad, but I couldn't break away
"Boy I've gotta finish school, and my job takes all my time
maybe someday

meanwhile all the years roll on by
and that boy just disappeared and I still wonder why

I didn't go, I didn't fly
I didn't run to him, I didn't even try
I thought that he would wait for me
I thought our dreams and love and time would always be
I didn't fly

tonight I'll grab my keys, throw a bag inside my car
and I'll head out on the road and just follow the next star
'cause I know he's out there somewhere
and I want to hear him say "Girl there you are"

and one day when the years have all gone by
I'll wake up in his arms and never say goodbye

I gotta go, I gotta fly
I gotta run to him, you know I'm gonna try
and pray that he still waits for me
and that our dreams and love and time will always be
I gotta fly, I gotta fly

you know I look in the mirror and I wonder where she has gone
the girl with the inner light... love that burned so bright
and boy I miss you tonight

Repeat Chorus