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Fake love
by Stephanie Gladhart & Jerry Careaga

you held my hand, held my heart
we made big plans, had a good start
we rode out west, rolled the dice
for a long time baby it was real nice
then the road bends and it all ends
now we're just two people that can't be friends

I had to learn the hard way
we were just another shooting star at night
we burned so bright til we fell
I should have seen it coming
I was blinded by forever your eyes
to my surprise it was fake love fake love
it was just fake love

I must admit, when we first met
I tossed my net, and tangled you in it
but it was me that got hooked
and I needed you no matter what it took
it was good stuff and then you had enough
but you know real love just shouldn't be that tough

I've got knock off purses and phony rings
how does a girl know it's the real thing