Jerry Careaga Music -BMI
Deluge of Hurt

Music - Jerry Careaga
Lyrics - Jerry Careaga & Stephanie Gladhart

Verse 1
Early this morning my world blew apart
like a hurricane hit my heart

there was nothing left, nobody spared
The damage done can never be repaired

all alone in the rubble and the ruin
that’s what’s left of our lives

our love was swept away by a tidal wave
of angry words in a deluge of hurt

how can I begin to pick up the pieces
when I’m drowning here in my own tears
how can I think of starting over
my heart’s still reeling from a deluge of hurt

Verse 2
I held out my hand...I tried to hold on
when it all started washing away

I cried out “baby, we can make it again
we can ride out this storm
it doesn’t have to end”

I tried to be strong, I tried to be brave
but the pain hit wave afer wave
with no hope in sight I finally let go
I could not survive the deluge of hurt”

Repeat Chorus

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